Climbing the Ladder of Life
Living with Crohn's Disease
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18 Aug 2007

Hello, my name is Nichola Hamilton and I have lived with Crohns disease for twenty years.

Recently due to health I have wrote my first autobiography, it is called “Climbing The Ladder of Life” living with Crohns disease.

It has been wonderful therapy to write. I am originally from Invercargill and live on the Gold Coast.

I wanted to share my story and bring about awareness and so far the book is touching a lot of lives and for people to realise they are not alone. I have recently spoken at the Gold Coast Ostomy Day and some of the associations find the book helpful for other patients. My website where the book can be ordered from is This has more details of my life and story. Look forward to hearing from you and Thankyou for your time.

Regards Nichola

The following is a brief from the back cover of Nichola’s book and a letter from her Stoma nurse – a wonderful inspiration to anyone contemplating surgery - Ed


Nichola reveals her inspiring journey of living with Crohns disease for twenty years.

She shares the trials and tribulations of enduring 15 operations and countless hospital visits. For Nichola her life has been turmoil with a never-ending roller coaster in several ways, physically, emotionally and financially. An amazing journey she took to change lifestyle and overcome tremendous adversity. At times a fight for life in all different ways. A touching story of the impact Crohn’s disease has had on her life. She shares how the fondest love is inside of you to aim high, soar high, and love thyself. This story is told with heartbreaking honesty.


Letter written by Nichola’s Stoma nurse


The construction of Nichola’s ileostomy was initially created to improve her quality of life, however secondary to this operation is permanent physical disfigurement and an incontinent life-style.  Nichola has accepted and learnt to deal with these life-style adjustments in an exceptionally mature and inspirational manner.

Since living with her ileostomy she has unfortunately encountered many setbacks mainly due to retraction of the stoma, subsequently requiring refashioning or resiting of the stoma.  Nichola’s attitude has not allowed her to see this as a setback merely an interruption to her normal active life.

At times my department has been introduced to a new patient either suffering from Crohns or requiring similar surgery for various other reasons and are extremely overwhelmed with the proposed surgery and its outcome.  Nichola has made herself available to act as a support person to new patients on many occasions.

I do give all my patients pre-surgery counselling which is suitable for many, however there are the odd few that Nichola’s example has made a difference to and not just for patients but for all of us in the medical profession. 

Her book will definitely be included on my bookshelf where again Nichola’s attitude will work its magic when required.

Sheryl Waye, RN. STN. BN, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Stomal Department

Gold Coast Health Service District, Queensland Health.