Climbing the Ladder of Life
Living with Crohn's Disease
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10 Oct 2007

Climbing the Ladder of Life: Living with Crohn’s Disease. By Nichola Hamilton, 2007.

Nichola was 17 when diagnosed in 1987 with Crohn’s Disease and has been having considerable problems ever since. This book tells of her journey from diagnosis to the present day, the problems she’s encountered and the people who have helped her. The beginning of the book tells of her childhood on a property in New Zealand, her family, her diagnosis and the loss of her mother through cancer. At this stage in her life, Nichola decides to move to Australia but New Zealand becomes a place that she returns to at different times in her life. The rest of the book deals with different aspects of living and learning with Crohn’s Disease. Each chapter has a different theme that relates to events in Nichola’s life. This includes a number of surgeries, an overseas trip and relationships. Throughout all of this Nichola has always looked at those in a worse situation than her and this helped her deal with her own problems. In more recent years, she has also found osteopathy, acupuncture and other alternative therapies helpful in her healing.

This is a very personal account of Nichola’s experience with Crohn’s. As she says, “I decided to ask a friend and counsellor to debrief me through each chapter of my book so that I could let go of the emotions that came up for me” (P.63). In writing this book, Nichola invites the reader to share this journey with her and to understand that it is possible to have a fulfilling life living with Crohn’s disease. The book can be ordered for $25.00 at the website which also has additional information about Nichola and her book.

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