Climbing the Ladder of Life
Living with Crohn's Disease

Nichola is a Professional Counsellor. She 43 years old and her home town is Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand.

She volunteers support work for pre/post surgery patients and counselling when required.

Nichola published her first book in June 2007 which is “Climbing the ladder of life, living with Crohn's Disease”.

She would love to share her journey with Crohn's sufferers and their family and friends.

Aim high, Soar high, Believe in thyself.


Still climbing the ladder of life and facing each challenge as it comes. Nichola works for S.O.N.G. the Support Ostomates Needs Group.

This is a volunteer support programme available to family and carers or those who are about to experience living with a stoma.

By 2013 Nichola has endured over 20 operations andscontinues to live life to the fullest. During the highs and lows Nichola has loved guest speaking for AbbVie pharmaceuticals and travelling to share her story.

Losing her angel Winston in 2014 was very tough but she continued to battle on even through hospitisations at times.

Nichola is currently working on book 2 which will be educational as well as humerous.