Climbing the Ladder of Life
Living with Crohn's Disease

IBD meeting at The Crest Hotel in Sydney. An educational day for ABBVIE staff to learn of different illnesses and day-to-day life. Nichola was in the art section with the photos from her life and delivered her story to ABBVIE staff globally.

February 2014. This day was truely amazing! The shopping centre created an aircraft, a greenhouse and a kitchen. This was to demonstrate the real situations people live with who have illnesses ranging from Crohns Disease to Arthritis. Artwork was also displayed to show a story behind certain illnesses. Well done ABBVIE for a wonderful educational day for all of us.

Late October, 2013. Nichola was interviewed by ABBVIE staff to share education for the drug Humira which she was being treated for at that time for her crohns. 'A Day with Nicky'. 

Nichola's family members were interviewed for the Humira website to share the changes since she has been on the drug Humira. Everyone had a wonderful day on the broadwater, simply relaxing and being interviewed at the same time. This was a very special and emotional family day out. Illness is not only hard on patients, but can be difficult and sometimes confronting for their families. 

January 2015. Gold Coast University Hospital. Nichola was guest speaker and presented her personal story of living with Crohns Disease. 

January 29th, 2015. Educational day for nurses and staff at Gold Coast University Hospital where Nichola was a guest speaker discussing her personal life story. 

December 2018, Nichola shared her story for a junior doctors education day at GCUH, Nichola was videoed as she was pending large bowel surgery, her video will be used for further education at GCUH.

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Goldcoast Ostomy Magazine 2016 March/April edition. Nichola shared a brief update of her journey with Crohns Disease .

May, 2016. Goldcoast University Hospital. Nichola was an honorary guest speaker where she shared her lfe story and her perspective on living with Crohns Disease.