Climbing the Ladder of Life
Living with Crohn's Disease
Guest talks
Honorary guest

2007 ABC Radio Nichola shares her story and new book.      2008, stars magazine, womens club, lifeline building, Nichola shares her personal story.   2008, AbbVie large conference, doctors, gastros and staff from all around Australia and New Zealand Brisbane.   2008, Kaye Plaza, Guest talk to fellow students for Counselling.   2009 ,Cca crohns and colitis asn, nichola spoke with John Edwards Gastro from gcuh  . Mermaid tavern, goldcoast.      2012, carnival of words, labrador hub, goldcoast. north coast active writers. northcoast active writers 2014, perspective on writing a book and hints from other authors.                                                                                                           

2014  IBD meeting, Sydney ABBVIE   educational day with staff and other crohns patients. Declaration of independance. HOBART.                            

2013 Humira website interview of nicholas personal view of living with crohns disease. Nicholas family were also interviewed for the website, and their perspective of a sister with Crohns disease. 2013 CAIRNS large AbbVie conference, staff from all over the world, Nichola shared her story and her book.

 2014 Goldcoast University Hospital Educational day, nurses.    2015, GCUH, STOMAL THERAPY AND BAG COMPANIES! ONGOING EDUCATION FOR NURSES AND STAFF, Nicholas personal story is part of these education days.                                      2016, IBD Education day,  staff,  Nichola shares her story. 2016 July, Ostomy Education day with Sherryll Waye, Guest Talk.         2016 July, Ignite AbbVie conference for ibd nurses and nurses, Nichola is part of a panel session . Nichola has also been part of a team of professionals for Abbvie , creating a new wonderful website .      Nichola enjoys to continue touching lives with her story and for education.     

2018 .... November, Nichola shares her personal journey and story for doctors education day at GCUH goldcoast university hospital. 2018 December guest talk on video for Junior doctors education day at GCUH.