Climbing the Ladder of Life
Living with Crohn's Disease
BOOK NO 2 A handbook living with Crohns disease available Sep 1 to purchase contact

Book One Nichola reveals her inspiring journey of living with Crohn's Disease for twenty years. She shares the trials and tribulations of enduring 17 operations and countless hospital visits.

For Nichola her life has been turmoil with a never-ending roller coaster in several ways physically, emotionally and financially.

She shares the amazing journey that she took to change her lifestyle and overcome tremendous adversity. At times a fight for survival in many different ways.

Book one is a touching story of the impact that Crohn's has had on her life and her belief that the fondest of love is inside of you. Aim high, soar far and love thyself.

This story is told with heart breaking honesty. Nichola has now had over 25 operations as of 2019 and she is still climbing the ladder of life with determination and strength. She has endured two large back surgeries which have allowed her to return to walking twice a day with her proud westy Boomer.

Nichola looks forward to publishing her handbook on living with Crohn’s disease publishing September 2019 >

Winston, the beautiful boy below is now in heavan but will remain on the website as he was such an enormous part of Nichola's life. R.I.P. little angel.

Nichola now owns her Westy number 2, the beautiful Boomer boy, who she has had since 2014.

Book Two, Nichola combines a team of professionals ranging from allied heath, conventional health, holistic, this looking at a whole person living with illness. A multisciplinary approach to life.

"Inspiration to Climb your Ladder of Life"