Climbing the Ladder of Life
Living with Crohn's Disease
Second Book publishing 2019  
A handbook for living with Crohn’s disease
Nichola ten years on from her first book, has written her second book to help educate, inspire and give hope to many families and people living with IBD. This book has a combination of conventional / allied / holistic approach to living. A multidisciplinary approach to life. During the book Nichola shares her own journey as the guiding narrator and her experiences with each modality or treatment, and how this has made such a difference to her own life. She has a team of professionals all contributing supporting on education for anyone living with IBD ( her healing team on all levels ) Over 30 years Nichola herself has had a balance of all three multidisciplinary treatments and she wanted to share the benefits of (looking at a whole person) Although her own story is rare, extensive and unique, she has endured a very tumultuous journey living with Crohn’s disease and she is still here to keep supporting others in life. Her motto in life, Never say Never, follow your dreams and be grateful every day.